Saturday, August 28, 2010

The EvoT Project

This used to be my personal training blog, but that's going to change soon. Soon I am going to use this space as part of the EvoT project. The EvoT project is a pedagogical excursion aimed at helping people understand the principles of evolutionary theory and science through personal lifestyle changes. Our motto is "walk the walk to talk the talk" (of evolution). Seriously, what better way to get people to understand the details of evolutionary science then to show them how it can, here and now in 2010, affect their daily lives? To show them how things like the industrial revolution, with respect to food, has created a lot of the modern diseases we see? To show them how sedentary lifestyles (e.g. sitting at a desk all day and then in front of the television all evening) approximate nothing like what our ancestors face and also contributes to a plethora of modern disease, namely obesity. EvoT is charged with changing the behavior of people in order to help update and modify their cognition about evolutionary science. This is not a stop believing in your God blog. Rather, we feel that your belief system are perfectly in line with an evolutionary theory we back so keep on keeping on if you like. Rather, we simply want to utilize a prescription of small changes in your daily routine to educate you about how your body works. And make you aware of your body - inside and out - in a completely new educational endeavor. Interested? Hop on board!


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Thought you might enjoy the following links.

It has been a while since we corresponded, so I thought I would reach out. Drop a line it would be great to get an update on some of the CF and Paleo related research you are up to.

--Joseph Doughty
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Eric Brinker said...


My publishing company is interested in selling your book as part of a package that we're offering on paleo eating. Would you be interested in discussing private label rights to your book, "My Ancestors' Dinner Table"? Give me an email and let's talk about it!